responsive video widget

for Adobe Muse CC 15.2+

Video and Live Broadcasts

Tube — is a responsive video widget for Adobe Muse CC.

Widget supports playback of a single videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch, YouTube playlists, Twitch streams and YouTube live broadcasts, VImeo albums, MP4, WebM and OGG video files.

Tube Demo Layouts

  •  Responsive widget


  •  Full width and Full height mode


  •  Full screen mode


  •  Custom video size mode


  •  Parallax video background


  •  YouTube Playlist supported


  •  YouTube live broadcast supported



  •  Based on MuCow format 4 HTML embed widget
  •  Twitch video and broadcast


  •  Autoplay, loop, volume and mute options


  •  Any number of widgets on the page


  •  Image background and color fill overlay layer



  •  Cross-browser solutions


  •  Playback control options


  •  Support Adobe Muse CC 15.2+

Version 2.0 is now available

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Key Features